Exam Tips: Are you also preparing for competitive exams, then these tips are specially for you

By | December 12, 2023

Exam Tips: These days millions of students are preparing for competitive exams, if you prepare for any exam in a planned manner, you will be able to crack any exam.

Exam Tips

Coming to this present time, every student is preparing for some exam most of which Gujarat Gaun Seva Selection Board (GSSSB), Gujarat Panchayat Seva Selection Board (GPSSB), Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC), and If we talk about the second number, they are preparing for IBPS, UPSC, Railway, SSC exams.

Competitive Exam Preparation

Today’s time is such that candidates have to prepare in a planned manner to stay ahead in the midst of increasing competition, if your preparation is planned then you will be able to prepare according to the syllabus of any exam on time and will also get time for revision.

Prepare for any exam starting from the basics which will prove most useful like 5th to 12th textbooks published by NCERT / GSERT to strengthen the foundation, take a look at the syllabus to see where more emphasis is given subject wise Start preparing.

Another important thing is that current affairs, which is very useful for every exam, the best way for current affairs is to read the current papers thoroughly, and if you have time, keep watching the news in your spare time, even if you get important current affairs from it. will go Also keep reading various magazines. And keep a note as much as possible and keep writing the topics in it.

Work smart: Keep writing the main points of whatever preparation you are preparing in a notebook in short i.e. in simple language, so that whenever you sit for revision, if you read only one sentence, you will understand.

Give enough time: It often happens that you want to start reading and get into some work, then don’t do it. Allocate enough time to subjects like Maths, English and Reasoning, it seems that after the recruitment announcement, there is not enough time to prepare for the exam. Therefore, if you are preparing for the exam in advance, make a time table for each subject and prepare along with the time.

Exam Tips : For English subject exam 15 to 20 marks questions are asked in class 3-4 exam, the exams mainly have questions related to tenses, idioms, synonyms, interrogative sentences, model auxiliary sentences and other topics, some questions are also on blank space. is asked.

Give Revision and Mock Test : Revision is very important to succeed in general knowledge section of competitive exam. Every day you have to give one or two hours. To make this preparation more effective you should continue to model popper solution. This will let you know where you are weak in the subject.

Competitive Exam Preparation: Subject wise books information will be placed in next article.

Note: Exam Tips Competitive Exam Preparation This information is given by us as per our experience. For more information consult an expert.

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