Kelavani Vyakhyao TET, TAT, HTAT Material

By | May 9, 2023

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Kelavani Vyakhyao education is sadhana or the art of cultivating one’s entire life. It fosters the development of a complete personality. Everything in the body, mind, word, and action. It humanizes the human being, awakens the divinity within him, and elevates him in Swadharma. Education connects Nara to Narayana, and Purusha to Purushottampada. Education was viewed differently before and after independence.

Education today desires change. It has become fashionable to argue that education requires reform. The new education is required, and education must be improved, but how should education be improved? Regrettably, there is no clear picture or precise planning of this. To create a new system in education today, a well-defined, well-thought-out plan is required.

Kelavani Vyakhyao

Chakshu, Nasti Vidyasamam:’ “There isn’t another eye like Vidya’s.” – The Mahabharata
Education is the process of developing a healthy mind in a healthy body. – According to Aristotle
Education is essential for developing a healthy mind in a healthy body. – According to Aristotle
Counter-motion is motivated by Saatchi, training Satyam, Shivam, and Sundaram. – According to Aristotle
To bring out what is hidden within the child’s, man’s, and woman’s bodies, minds, and souls. – Mahatma Gandhi
“Education entails bringing out the best in man’s mind, body, and soul.” – Mahatma Gandhi
Education is the spreading of light in the darkness of life. – George Orwell
Education instills confidence and selflessness in a man. – The Rigveda
“Education is the unfolding of man’s entire individuality.” (Education prepares students for life’s responsibilities and privileges.) Swami Vivekananda’s

I never teach; instead, I create environments in which students can learn. Einstein, Albert (Abdul Kalam)
Spring is brought, not brought to us. – Dr. Participation
Nature provides us with what is known as education. Panini –
Lifelong learning is a modern-day requirement. Yashpal, Dr.
The ability to listen to almost anything without losing our temper or confidence is defined as education. – Paramahansa Ramakrishna
It is critical that the youth receive an education that allows them to set the highest standards for themselves. Malviya, Madanmohan
A moment is art if it is a source of income, and practice if it is for personal growth. – Athavale, Pandurang
The past is a rung on a ladder that should not be carried above your head. Education should be free.

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