Matadar Yadi Sudharana 2023

By | April 16, 2023

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Matadar Yadi Sudharana 2023: We have many documents. Election card is also one of the important documents. For work related to election card i.e. voter list, election commission announces 2-3 times in a year reform program. which this time It will be held from 5 April 2023 to 20 April 2023. Let’s see the complete details of this reform program.

Electoral Roll Reform Project 2023

Brief electoral roll reform program has been announced. In which d. Various works related to electoral roll can be done from 5-4-2023 to 20-4-2023. Which are as follows.

  • Registration of New Name – Form No – 6
  • Reduction of name – Form No – VI
  • Correction of Name – Form No-8
  • Change of Venue – Form No – 9


  • The form is filled free of cost (without charging any kind of fee).
  • The date of the young voter. Those who attain 18 years of age on 01/04/2023 can enroll in the electoral roll.
  • Request to contact Mamlatdar office and BLO Shri (Teacher) of your primary school to add name, registration and necessary
  • corrections. Matadar Yadi Sudharana 2023

Electoral Roll Amendment Form 2023: Different forms are to be filled for different operations for Electoral Roll Reform Program 2023 which are as follows.

  • Entry of new name: For entry of new name in electoral roll form no. 6 has to be filled. Those completing 1 year on 1-4-2023 can fill.
  • Deletion of name: If for any reason the name is to be deducted from the constituency then form no. 7 remains to be filled.
  • Change in name: If there is any change in your name, surname, etc., form no.8 has to be filled for it.
  • Change of address: For change of address in electoral roll form no. 8-k has to be filled.

Electoral Roll Revision NVSP 2023

  • Online facility is also available for work related to electoral roll revision.
  • Apart from this, through Voter Helpline mobile app, Election Commission’s National Voter’s Service Portal
  • (NVSP Portal) one can also apply to register as a new voter by filling Form No.06. With Matadar Yadi Sudharana 2023, you can
  • check whether your name and family members are in the voter list. And if there is any correction, correction can be done by filling the online form.

NVSP Portal : Click Here

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