Pradhan Mantri UJALA Yojana Gujarat

By | April 23, 2023

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The Government of India’s Gram Ujala Yojana aims to replace old yellow bulbs with LED bulbs. So that electricity can be saved and carbon emission can be reduced. LED bulbs save electricity bills. The best thing about this scheme is that the government is not giving any help or subsidy in this as the cost of the bulb is low.

Currently, LED bulbs are widely used in homes. Using LED bulbs saves a lot of electricity. But high quality LED bulbs cost much more in the open market. If you were told that you can get a 12 watt LED bulb for just 10 rupees, you might not believe it. But this is absolutely true. A scheme of cheap LED bulbs has been launched by the central government and a 3-year warranty is also being provided on these bulbs. Let us tell you how you can get this bulb.

The Central Government is currently running the UJALA scheme in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana. At present only the people of the village here can buy a 12 watt LED bulb for 10 rupees. You can avail this government scheme till 31 March 2022. You have to buy bulbs by paying only 10 rupees and you can buy 5 bulbs by paying 50 rupees.

Official Website: Click Here

List Of Documents Required For Pradhan Mantri UJALA Yojana Gujarat

  • Aadhar Card
  • Monthly Electricity Bill

Document Required: Pradhan Mantri UJALA Yojana Gujarat

  • Last filled electricity bill and photocopy of it.
  • Own photo ID
  • Certificate of Proof of Residence – which must be the address indicated on the electricity bill.
  • Details of the amount paid and the amount to be paid in arrears if the price of the bulb cannot be paid at the time of purchase – which will be added weekly to the electricity bill.

Salient Features / Benefits Of Ujala Gujarat Yojana

  • The Government Distribute LED Bulb, Tube Lights, Fans At Highly Subsidized Rate.
  • Benefits Of The LED Bulb At A Very Low Price Of Rs. 65 Per Bulb For Cash And Rs. 70 Per Bulb For EMI. Similar Rate Will Be Applicable For Residential And Commercial Use.
  • 20 Watt LED Tube Lights To Be Given To Consumers At A Low Price Of Rs. 210 Per Tube Light By Cash And Rs. 230 Per Tube Light For EMI.
  • 5 Star Energy Efficient Fans To Be Sold At Very Low Price Of Rs. 1,110 Per Fan By Cash And Rs. 1,260 Per Fan For EMI.
  • EMI Option Also Available For The Consumers And The Charge Of 8-10 Installments Should Be Paid Through The Electricity Bill.
  • Low Power Consumption And Saving Electricity.

A family will get 5 bulbs

CESL replaces high-power-intensive old bulbs at just Rs. Provides high quality 7-watt and 12-watt LED bulbs with 3-year warranty at a cost of 10. A maximum of five bulbs can be given to a family under this programme. Due to the low cost of LED bulbs, the government is not giving any help or subsidy in it.

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