Trick: If your phone charges slowly, then turn on these features, then it will charge fast.

By | May 30, 2024

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Trick: The biggest question of phone users is charging, here we are going to tell you tricks that will charge your phone faster.

Now-a-days everyone is carrying a phone with them, and doing various things with the phone, doing all those things quickly drains the battery and carrying the charger around, and after charging the battery gets charged quickly. Does not happen. Here we are going to show you a setting that can charge your phone battery faster, so definitely try this setting once.

This is how the settings in the phone

For this you first have to go to About Phone, then tab at the bottom on Build Number 7-8 times. Then there will be an option named Developer which contains some secret settings related to the phone.

Now open the Developer option which has come, now there will be a second right option, turn it on from the top right, USB Configuration option is given in the Networking option in the Developer option, turn it ON, in which MTP auto is selected. From here you have to select the charging option.

Steps of Fast Charging:

  • Go to Developer Options (must be ON)
  • Go to USB Configuration option
  • Select MTP

Everyone should follow the steps given below while charging the phone

  • In today’s fast era, everyone will be seen doing their work with mobile, due to which the battery of the phone is getting low or completely dead, due to which it is often stuck. In that case, keep the following tips in mind.
  • First of all, insist on charging only with the charger that comes with the phone, other similar chargers will quickly drain your phone’s battery life.
  • Connect the charger to the phone properly, it often happens that the charger does not connect properly due to the cover of the phone, if possible keep charging the phone by removing the cover. Apart from this, the phone heats up while charging, if there is no cover, the heat will be reduced.
  • Many people leave the phone charged while sleeping at night and keep it until waking up in the morning, if you have such a habit, change this habit today, charge the phone only 85 to 90 percent as long as possible.
  • Often people use apps to increase battery life or charge faster, when actually these apps are constantly running in the background, which will use up more battery.


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