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By | December 5, 2023

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Join Telegram Channel app download : WhatsApp is used by every smartphone user, you will get to know about it in this article and WhatsApp is bringing new features for its users, which every WhatsApp user likes a lot. Among the features WhatsApp sticker is also a feature of WhatsApp, in which you can send stickers to anyone and someone can send you stickers on WhatsApp and stickers can also be downloaded. There are numerous such stickers on WhatsApp, which you can likewise download. And after doing this, you can send it to anyone on WhatsApp and people send messages on WhatsApp as well as stickers, so many people don’t want to create their own sticker on WhatsApp and send it to someone.

But they don’t know about how to make your photo to WhatsApp sticker, so they are unable to make stickers. If you want to know about it, in this article you will know how to make WhatsApp stickers like WhatsApp Sticker Kaise Banay – How to make WhatsApp stickers and with that you will know about WhatsApp. Download stickers from this article. You will also get to know about how to download whatsapp stickers, from this article you will get information about Insab I will get information.

Follow some steps to create a WhatsApp sticker

Step-1: First of all you go to play store and search by typing and after doing this app will come, then you have to click on Install and install it in your phone.

Step-2: After the app is installed, it has to be opened, click on app icon to open it.

Step-3: And now you will see plus icon below, you have to click on that icon or you can click on plus icon.

Step-4: After clicking on the plus icon, you will ask for some permission, you have to click on Allow and grant the permission.

Step-5: And now you have to select photo from gallery, choose the photo you want to make WhatsApp sticker.

Step-6: After selecting the photo, you will see 3 options below, you can use them according to your choice, if you want to crop the photo, click on crop.

Step-7: What’s more, presently you will see the choice of change, message, emoticon beneath, you can compose something on the photograph by tapping on the message and if you have any desire to put emoticon on the photograph, you can tap on the emoticon. On Text to compose text.

Step-8: After clicking on the text, you have to write the text, you have to take some text and want to change the font style, and you can also choose the color of the text according to you, after writing the text, click on it. done

Step-9: And now you will see next option on top right site, you have to click on next.

Step-10: After clicking on next, you have to click on save option, then you have to click on save option.

Step-11: And now you will see the option of New Pack, you have to click on that New Pack option.

Step-12: After clicking on New Pack, you have to click on Pack Name and write Pack Name and click on Creator and write Creator name and after writing everything click on Create.

Step-13: And now you will see the photo sticker you have created here, you have to click on that sticker.

Step-14: After clicking on the sticker, you will see the WhatsApp icon and its icon.

How to download WhatsApp stickers?

Downloading WhatsApp stickers is very easy If you want to download WhatsApp stickers, you can download WhatsApp stickers very easily, follow some steps to download WhatsApp stickers.

Step-1: First of all you have to open WhatsApp, click on WhatsApp icon to open WhatsApp.

Step-2: After opening WhatsApp, you have to go to someone’s chats and then tap on the emoji icon.

Step-3: And now you will see the sticker icon below, you have to click on the sticker icon.

Step-4: After clicking on sticker icon, you will see plus icon, you can click on (Icon).

Step-5: And now you will see a lot of WhatsApp stickers, from which you can download all the stickers by clicking on the download icon next to the sticker you want to download, click on the sticker icon to download the sticker. You can download WhatsApp stickers from this star.

Conclusion:- Any WhatsApp user can easily create their own WhatsApp sticker, so from this article you must have come to know about WhatsApp Sticker Kaise Banay like WhatsApp Sticker Kaise Banay – How to Create WhatsApp Sticker and along with this, You must have known about WhatsApp Sticker Download Kaise Kare – How to Download WhatsApp Sticker from this article, you must have got all this information from this article, how did you like this article, comment and if you have any question you can ask me by commenting. are you App Download

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